Formazione, conoscenza, tecnologie (Edited by Franco Angeli)

New technologies produces a substantial and complex effect in a wide range of different areas, such as educational, social, educational, entertainment. The purpose of this Series is to explore the relationship between technology and formal and informal learning from a cultural history, socio-constructivist and multidisciplinary perspective (psychological, social, educational, aesthetic, artistic, political, economic).
Therefore, the starting assumptions are: a) the role of context, seen as rooted in technology; b) technology as instruments of cultural mediation and construction of knowledge.
The Series aims to host monographs, receiverships, and Italian translations of foreign books of particular relevance in the international scene. Therefore, it will include handbooks, researches, analysis and dissemination focused on the role of technologies in educational contexts.

Proposals for publication should be sent to:
M. Beatrice Ligorio

All volumes of the series are subjected to peer-review by the Scientific Committee.

Direction: Maria Beatrice Ligorio
Scientific Committee: Octavia Albanian (University of Milano-Bicocca); Carl Bereiter (University of Toronto, Canada); Stephen Cacciamani (University of Valle D’Aosta), Donatella Cesareni (University “Sapienza” of Rome); Carol Chan (University of Hong Kong, China); Michael Cole (University of San Diego, CA, USA); Stefania Manca (ITD-CNR, Genoa); Marlene Scardamalia (University of Toronto, Canada); Roger Saljo (University of Gothenburg, Sweden); Neil Schwartz (California State University – Chico, United States), Stanislaus Smiraglia (University of Cassino); Luca Tateo (University of Salerno); Jan Van Aalst (Simon Fraser University, Canada); Luca Vanin (University of Milan-Bicocca).