Qwerty Notebook (Edited by Progedit)

Qwerty Notebooks are designed as slender (100 pages max) and in-depth reading, focused on particular aspects of innovative technologies, training and communication. Each notebook will be composed of a first descriptive section, followed by a section about research, and a final bibliography. Authors may opt for the downloadable PDF format, sold with a very affordable price, or to the traditional paper format.
Proposals for publication should be sent to M. Beatrice Ligorio the following email address:
All proposals will be subject to peer-review by the Scientific Committee.
Direction: M. Beatrice Ligorio Editorial Manager: Stefania Cucchiara Scientific Committee: Stefano Cacciamani, Donatella Cesareni, Stefania Cucchiara, M. Beatrice Ligorio, Stefania Manca, Luca Tateo, Luca Vanin

Titles in programming:

– Autori: E. Mazzoni, R. Reggi. Titolo: Effetto Lucifero su Wikipedia? Collaborazione e conflitto nella costruzione del sapere collettivo della Wikipedia in italiano
– Autori: M. Pieri (Ed). Titolo: Mobile learning