8. Knowledge Building Community: genesi e sviluppo del modello

Stefano Cacciamani, Richard Messina


The present article is focused on the genesis analysis of the Knowledge Buildingmodel (KB), to describe its actual formulation and to identify possible further developments. We will consider, first of all, from the socio-cultural scenarioof reference, theoretical themes that are autonomous areas of research in thework of Bereiter and Scardamalia, but producing relevant ideas included theKB model. We mean the distinction between the two different approaches inwriting called by the authors “Knowledge Telling” e “Knowledge Transforming”and the technique defined “procedural facilitation”. We define then theKB model through its principles and we describe the evolution of supportingtechnology (from CSILE to Knowledge Forum). We identify, finally, in connectionwith other models of community, new directions of inquiry that can contributeto a further development of the model.

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