10. Le Knowledge Building Communities e la promozione di un apprendimento autoregolato.

Barbara Girani De Marco, Allison Littlejohn


The study context of Knowledge Building Communities (KBC) is complex andchallenging: Learning within KBC involves cooperation, ideas sharing, integrationof contents from different domains and a shared planning of activities.The student is less directed by the teacher and he/she could be supported bythe adoption of a more self-regulated approach to the study. At the same timethis context could offer a good occasion to improve the transversal competenciesimplied in self regulated learning: i.e. strategic study, motivation and emotionmanagement, time planning and effort management, help seeking and contextmanagement.This article will review the literature that take into account the relationshipbetween cooperation in knowledge building communities and Self-RegulatedLearning. The aim of the study is to analyze which components of Self-RegulatedLearning are necessary to correctly participate to KBC and which specificfeatures of Knowledge Bulding Communities could support the developmenta more self-regulated study approach.

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