22. Knowledge Building nelle organizzazioni: linee guida per la progettazione

Luca Vanin, Roger Schank


The paper focuses on the development of Knowledge Building Communities inOrganizations and aims to present some guide lines to design Learning organizationsbased on Knowledge building, sharing and management.The first section of the article describe theoretical model about knowledgemanagement and Learning Organizations: literature offers many approaches tothis subject (es: Nonaka e Takeuchi’s SECI model or Pan e Scarbrough’s KMmodel, which explain the three dimension of a ICT based organization: Infrastructure, Infostructure and Infoculture). Bereiter and Scardamalia, in educationalfield focused on twelve principles in building knowledge. The paper integratesthese theoretical issue and applied to organizations a different culturaland designing model.The second section presents some guidelines to develop Knowledge BuildingCommunities in organization. Knowledge Building Communities can havethree kind of relation with organization: completely external (es: project teamoutside from the organization), partially integrated (es: all the marketing departmentsof a big company who work in a special task force for a specific project)and completely integrated (when organization became a learning organizationbased on Knowledge Building principles).In the last section, Engeström’s model is applied to explain how to declinedifferent organizational variables to implement KBC in organization, focusingon people’s need analysis, knowledge objects, tools, artefacts and instrumentsdesigning, rules and roles, and community.

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