Promoting environmental sustainability attitudes in Primary School children using creative thinking and ICT.

Barbara Colombo, Federica Danisi, Chiara Valenti


This research tests the efficacy of a video-training in enhancing environmentally sustainable attitudes of Primary School students through the use of creative thinking. A narrative video-training presented different tasks, linked to the main aspects of creative thinking and focused on sustainability. The research involved 76 children attending to the second year of Primary school, assigned to either the experimental or control group. Both groups were involved in the pre-test and post-test sessions, measuring creativity levels and students’ ecological attitudes. The training consisted of 3 meetings when the children watched the videos, and responded to them by performing different creative activities. Results highlighted how, after the training, children’s sustainable attitudes improved significantly. The training was also effective to promote children’s motivation and creativity per se. Results are discussed with reference to educational applications. Specific limitations are addressed.

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