Commentary: approaching sustainable learning on multiple levels

Ola Erstad


The three studies presented in this special issue explore different approaches of how to engage people and organizations in core matters of sustainability. In recent years, sustainable learning has become a core area of importance for policy makers, organizations, public and private, and people in their everyday activities. Still the important challenge is to understand what sustainable learning imply and how to develop it. The articles report from studies working towards sustainable development and social responsibility on different levels and within different contexts. They are all reporting on research within an Italian
setting. As such, they represent important attempts of regaining personal and corporate empowerment in creating and supporting change that can be sustainable. A core issue is about the relationship between social responsibility, sustainability and learning. In this commentary, I will reflect on the contribution of each of the articles to this field of research and comment on three issues of importance concerning innovation, sustainability and the role of ICT across the different studies.

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