7. L’analyse ethnographique numérique ou comment observer et étudier les usages attendus et effectifs d’un espace numérique de travail dans l’enseignement supérieur français

Chantal Charnet


This article describes a qualitative method based on digital ethnography elaborated and used within the framework of the research project ENTICE, studying the Effective Uses of a Digital Workspace in Higher Education. The method first of all requires researchers to review online sites before observe live situations and course activities. In addition, no theoretical assumptions are made prior to analysis. The method used is follows three phases: initial exploration, then followed by a systematic collection, organization and comparison of data, finally concluding with the analysis of the collected data. The data corpus comprises various types of data (audio-visual recordings, images, texts). Audio-visual and textual data are organized and compared. Our results suggest that analysis of the processus as it develops is possible.

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