The impact of new technologies in learning processes: a survey in a 2.0 class

Paola Nicolini, Idalisa Cingolani, Monica de Chiro, Michela Bomprezzi, Valentina Corinaldi, Magda Dabrowska, Cristina Formiconi, Federica Papa


The aim of the  research was to understand the impact of using tablet in school environment, both on learning results and on indirect psycho-social variables such as motivation, self representation, group dynamics, and use of new technologies in extra-scholastic contexts.

We monitored the above variables in two classes of 11 to 12 years old students. The experimental class was provided of tablets and the control class attended a traditional path. We planned two online data collections through questionnaires at the beginning, and at the end of the scholastic year.

At the second survey, in comparison with the control class, the students of the experimental class showed a greater motivation to learn, a larger positive development in their self representations, a deeper and more complex dynamics of peer's interaction within the class, and a frequent use of new technologies in extra-scholastic contexts.

Parole chiave

learning technologies, learning strategies, teaching strategies, learning and web, 2.0 generation.

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