Dimensions of adolescents’ socio-digital participation

Lauri Hietajärvi, Juuso Seppa, Kai Hakkarainen


This investigation aimed to theoretically conceptualize the components of
socio-digital participation (SDP) supported by data collected using a novel
SPD-inventory as well as a semi-structured interview -tool. We carried out a
pilot study in a Finnish comprehensive school with both quantitative (n=284;
age 12-15) and qualitative data (n=35). We identifi ed six conceptually separate dimensions of SDP. Social networking was conceptualized to be more likely to be friendship-driven, and, knowledge- and media-oriented as interest-driven.
Academic participation was conceptualized as a separate boundary-crossing
dimension between autonomous and controlled study activities. Further, we
identifi ed two separate dimensions of gaming: recreational games and action
and sports games. Based on the results we propose that in cultivating novel
pedagogical practices, the heterogeneity should be recognized instead of onesize-fits-all mentality, and, further, that it is critical for the educational system to deliberately facilitate students appropriating of advanced digital practices of working with knowledge and media.

Parole chiave

digital technologies, socio-digital participation, technology-mediated learning