Hyper Activity Books for Children: How Technology can Open Books to Multisensory Learning, Narration and Assessment

Michela Ponticorvo, Orazio Miglino


Together with books, tangible educational materials are widely used in formal
and informal contexts, as they improve learning, especially in children.
Marrying tangibles with traditional books through digital technology can enrich
both materials, making them a powerful tool. In this paper, we describe
an approach to design and build Hyper Activity Books (HAB) that allows
transforming books in multisensory materials, bonding books with tangible
materials. To show the effectiveness and the wide viability of this approach
we describe some examples of HAB implementation, applied to mathematics,
storytelling, science, and assessment. These examples indicate that HAB
can be very useful to produce educational tools.

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Tangible Educational Materials, Multisensory Learning, Formal Educational Context, Assessment

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