Orchestrazione strumentale per l’inserimento di “Aule Virtuali” a scuola

Silvia Mazza, M. Beatrice Ligorio, Stefano Cacciamani


This paper identifies usage scenarios of a web platform called “Virtual
Classrooms” and analyses students’ perception of the technology to understand
whether and how this perception changes during platform testing. To
do this, we draw on the concept of “Instrumental Orchestration”, which has
only been deployed in mathematics education to date, to understand whether
the concept is analytically useful when applied to other school subjects.
The participants are three teachers of three different subjects with different
levels of expertise with the web platform, and their classes (55 students in
total). Data was generated through (i) a self-observation instrument for
teachers and (ii) a questionnaire for students, administered at the beginning
and the end of the platform testing. Four “Instrumental Orchestration” scenarios,
two of which are already identified inliterature, are evident from the mix analysis, as well as minor variations in technology perception. Limitations and implications of this study are also discussed.

Parole chiave

Instrumental Orchestration; Instrumental Genesis; Technology Perception; Web Platform; Virtual Classrooms

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