Competenze in 3D. Costruire un percorso per competenza attraverso la stampante 3D nella scuola dell’infanzia.

Alessia Rosa, Jessica Niewint


The importance of competency-based education in preschool is fully recognized by the European educational regulations (Eurydice 2012, 2017). Starting in 2016, INDIRE researchers related to the group Maker@Scuola, initiated a study to investigate the conditions for possible uses of 3D printers to support competency-based learning. This contribution aims to describe how the research group, through continuous dialogue with the teachers involved in the project, elaborated four tasks tested on a sample of eight schools, 20
teachers and more than 200 pupils. For each task, the initial assignments, the critical points and the subsequent corrections will be presented.

Parole chiave

3D printing; Competences; Preschool; TMI

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