Verso un curricolo Maker 5-8 K. Principi e applicazioni per lo sviluppo della competenza geometrica tramite 3D printing

Giuseppina Rita Jose Mangione, Maeca Garzia, Antonietta Esposito


This paper considers educational research and pedagogical conceptualizations of maker education in the context of the current curriculum in Italian schools. In particular, it draws on the research that INDIRE promotes on teaching using 3D printers and preliminary findings from an ongoing pilot study, which aims to increase understanding of the potential associations between maker pedagogy and spatial geometric and visual skills. The pilot reported follows a model of co-design involving the teachers of the school, which has facilitated the use of more reflective measures of competence to be assessed. The pilot discussed provides valuable support for the current research on 3D printers and will be extended to other schools wishing to pursue
skills and learning objectives little considered by the current national
curriculum at nursery and early primary level.

Parole chiave

Curricola; 3D printers; Education Making; Geometric and Visuo-Spatial Skill

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