Sviluppo di una OER per l’insegnamento delle biotecnologie: risultati di una sperimentazione eseguita nell’ultimo anno dei Licei

Giovanni Guarguaglini, Cristina Miceli, Daniela Amendola


To overcome teachers’ and students’ difficulties about teaching/learning of biotechnology discipline in high schools’ education, we have designed and implemented an online course on the Moodle platform. The course, customizable by teachers, develops from a local context of environmental pollution, following the guidelines of the Context Based Learning Approach. We evaluated the effectiveness, strengths, and weaknesses of this tool with pre- and post-tests and perception questionnaires. The future perspective is to create an open educational resource available to teachers in the final year of upper secondary schools.

Parole chiave

Biotechnologies, ICT, OER, Moodle, CBL

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