Assessment of University Teachers on their digital competences

Sara Dias-Trindade, José António Moreira, António Gomes Ferreira


The potential of DTIC has brought new challenges to teachers, making it essential to acquire digital competences. The aim of this research is to assess Portuguese university teachers' digital competence level. The quantitative methodological approach emphasises the teachers’ perception of their digital competences in three dimensions: teachers´ professional and pedagogic competences and learners´ competences and involved 118 Portuguese University teachers. The main findings show that the digital competence level of teachers is moderate, and that subdimensions “Guidance”, “Analysing Evidence” and “Responsible Use”, are the weakest. On the other hand, the subdimension in which teachers perceive to have more competence is “Organisational Communication”. The results show the need for teachers to increase their digital competence level through specific training, especially as regards the pedagogical use of technology, in particular more practical, experimental training.

Parole chiave

digital technologies; digital competences; teacher training; higher education; quantitative methodology.