Student teachers’ pedagogical reasoning in TPCK-based design tasks. A multiple case study

Ottavia Trevisan, Marina De Rossi


Teachers’ professional expertise cannot ignore anymore a technological
component to it. Technology is nowadays accessible more and
more widely, but it does not automatically translate into learning improvement.
It is crucial to understand how educators give meaning to
technology integration in their practices, i.e. investigate teachers’ professional reasoning. The paper reports on part of a wider study on
Initial Teacher Education (ITE) institutions’ capability to engage student-
teachers’ reasoning. Within the broader multiple case study
across Europe, the paper reports on data emerging from document
analysis and focused interviews with pre-service teachers (Ntot 36).
The findings suggest an activation of reasoning whose roots might
find place outside ITE influence, encouraging further research.

Parole chiave

TPCK; Pedagogical Reasoning; Initial Teacher Education.

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