The role of the instructor and the tutor in the discoursive interaction in a blended university course: A case analysis

Vittore Perrucci, Ahmad Khanlari, Stefano Cacciamani


While a Knowledge Building community is a student-directed community, instructors play an important role, preparing the cultural,
cognitive, and social conditions for the adoption of the Knowledge
Building perspective. This study examines how a teaching team, including an instructor and a tutor, can facilitate knowledge building in
a blended university course. More specifically, it aims to investigate
the impact of the instructor’s and tutor’s interventions on student participation and the differences between them in terms of the quantity and quality of the interventions. The results show the impact of the teaching team interventions in the changes of the Specific Conversational Functions used by the students and highlight that instructor
assumed the role of knowledge building activator, while the tutor is
identified as a knowledge building facilitator. Practical and theoretical
implications of the findings are discussed.

Parole chiave

Knowledge Building; Online courses; Instructor; Tutor; Case analysis

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