Formazione insegnanti "aumentata": integrazione di metodologie e tecnologie al servizio di una didattica socio-costruttivista

Nadia Sansone, Giuseppe Ritella


The exploratory study here described focuses on a training course for first grade secondary school teachers. During this course, 17 in-service teachers experienced methodologies and tools for innovative and technology-mediated teaching, fostering awareness and understanding of how to support meaningful learning based on collaborative work practices. The course is based on a blended approach: Six face-to-face meetings alternated with online activities on a Moodle platform for a total amount of 50 hours-training. In between the first phase – connotated by a “theoretical” nature - and the second phase – more “practical”- teachers were asked to design a teaching unit for students to work in groups using collaborative writing tools. The objective of the study was to investigate how the course impacted teachers' ability to put into practice what they have experienced during the training as well as their perception about the real value that technology can bring in their daily teaching. To this end, the responses to a semi-structured questionnaire administered at the beginning and at the end of the course were analyzed (N=15), as well as the pedagogical scenarios built by the teachers during the course (N=12). Results show a correct practical application of what has been learned, an increased good perception of educational technologies, combined with a general consistent appreciation of the training carried out.

Parole chiave

teachers; technology-enhanced learning; collaborative learning; augmented teaching; learning by doing

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