Quali competenze e quali strategie formative per l’industria 4.0? Lo stato dell’arte

Marco Perini, Francesco Tommasi, Riccardo Sartori


The present contribution proposes a review of the literature aimed at
highlighting which are the key competencies that will define the job
profiles in industry 4.0 and what could be the most suitable training
strategies to promote its development. The process of collecting and
analyzing the contributions, selected following the principles of the
systematic review, has led to obtaining a modular, but at the same time dynamic, model composed of three classes of skills: scientific-technological skills, technical-specific skills, and transversal skills. The
results were then discussed to identify the right balance of the three
macro-areas, offering ideas for possible training proposals and a tool
for finding the skills required on the basis of the different levels, from
the individual worker (micro) to the organization (meso), to the professional sector of reference (macro).

Parole chiave

Industry 4.0; Competences; Vocational Education and Training; Continuous Training; Literature Review

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.30557/QW000039