Will knowledge building remain uniquely human?

Marlene Scardamalia, Carl Bereiter


If AI is to have a positive transforming effect on education, it will be
through the community norms, collective practices, and solidarity
that emerge around it. In Knowledge Building, this means fuller realization of such principles as collective responsibility for idea improvement, idea diversity, and knowledge building as a way of life. AI can aid the development of this kind of community by providing powerful
tools students themselves can use to strengthen their knowledgebuilding
efforts and eventually by making intelligent machines active
collaborators in these efforts. This paper describes advances currently
taking place in Knowledge Building technology. Although full collaboration
between humans and machines in knowledge creation may
be years away, education can start preparing students for their role in
it by emphasizing those capabilities that arise from the multifarious
personal and social lives they lead.

Parole chiave

Knowledge Building; Knowledge Creation; AI; Black Box, ANN (Artificial Neural Net); Epistemic Agency

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