Innovare la didattica universitaria fra vincoli e opportunità. Un’esperienza di peer feedback con i futuri insegnanti

Katia Montalbetti, Enrico Orizio


The outbreak of the pandemic has prompted universities to make a
substantial technological upgrade in order to continue pursuing their
educational goals. Further, both the overall operation of the system
and teaching practices have been revised.
This contingency was taken by the authors as an opportunity to
redesign the “Educational research methods” course, experimenting
with innovative student-centered educational methodologies.
There has been a development in the experience of peer feedback
supported by digital tool self & peer assessment embedded in
the university’s Learning Management System. Given its innovative
nature it was considered appropriate, consistent with the perspective
of educational evaluation adopted in the course, to detect students’
perceptions regarding the process experienced by administering a
questionnaire. The evidence collected recognizes that the peer review
was successful and lays the groundwork for proposing it again in the
future with appropriate adjustments.

Parole chiave

peer feedback; educational innovation; educational evaluation; higher education; student-centred learning

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