Developing computational thinking among preservice teachers

Marta Peracaula-Bosch, Juan González-Martínez


Training pre-service teachers in their own computational thinking is critical to building with them the discourse of CT didactics and its inclusion in the classroom with children in kindergarten and primary education.
This research raises possible solutions and offers the results of an intervention carried out with 37 students in the 2nd year of the bachelor’s degree in Education. An intensive CT proposal, through a Scratch project, allows all students to reach a sufficient level of CT, regardless of their previous experience and initial level. All students improve their mastery of CT skills: Those who have a lower initial level can develop it from the ground up; those who already have a high level at the beginning improve their efficiency in solving questions where they have to mobilize CT.

Parole chiave

computational thinking; preservice teachers; digital skills; education

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