12. Gli interventi del tutor in forum di discussione online. Da un modello teorico agli aspetti applicativi

Luca Vanin, Stefano Castelli


On the basis of the results of previous studies, and taking into account some issues recently published in literature, this paper presents an operative model of intervention in the areas of e-tutoring (forums, chats, blogs etc.). The model can be applied to different contexts of online interaction, especially in asynchronous contexts. The aim of the paper is to offer a few guidelines for online tutors and moderators in order to stimulate participation and open discussion among participants, thus reducing the frequently occurring risk of inhibiting  participants’ intervention. The need for a moderate participation of the tutor for what concerns the opening of new topics, and for a moderate presence in terms of response frequency, are discussed. There appear also a need for a careful preliminary analysis of the general interactive context, for which some fundamental dimensions are provided.

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