8. Costruire o trasmettere conoscenza? Strategie del tutor e attività degli studenti in un corso on-line

Stefano Cacciamani, Evis Mazzoni


This study considers the effects of two different strategies used by the tutor during discussions that occurred in an on-line course at university, involving two different groups of 9 students each one. The tutor’s participation took two different forms: in the first group (A) a “knowledge construction strategy” was used; in the second group (B) the tutor used a “knowledge transmission strategy”. The results show a more in-depth elaboration of problems in the group A with greater use of “situated” problem in the discussion and also the orientation to connect more notes to this kind of problems. In addition the group A shows a more collaborative approach with higher social support, aggregation, participation and a similar level of contributes by the participants.

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