Vol 11, N° 1 (2016)




Summary PDF


Multiplicity, fluidity, dialogue and sharing: keywords to understand the complex dynamics between human learning and technology PDF
Valentina Grion, Donatella Cesareni 5-10

Invited Articles

Researching learning across context: From Dichotomies to a Dialogic Approach PDF
Kristiina Kumpulainen 11-25


Exploring situated knowledge building using mobile augmented reality PDF (English)
Ole Smørdal, Gunnar Liestøl, Ola Erstad 26-43
Communicating Corporate Social Responsibility in social media: Sense-making processes evolving with the development of virtual Communities of Practice PDF (English)
Gianvito D'Aprile, Margherita Racano, Susanna Annese, Katherine McLay 44-62
Interactions in work-groups from an xMoocs PDF
Federica Micale, Nadia Sansone, Donatella Cesareni 63-81
How do future teachers study? Distractions and strategies of self-regulation in the seamless learning PDF
Caterina Bembich, Elisabetta Maria Cigognini, Gisella Paoletti 82-98


Jerome Bruner: un secolo di idee che resteranno per sempre PDF
Maria Beatrice Ligorio, Stefano Cacciamani, Valentina Grion, Donatella Cesareni 99-100