Social Network Operator

Here is an innovative experiment that was conducted in the Province of Rome: the first being “Operator of social networks.”
Here are the first results of a project that was born from the request to think of “something new” for a course (presence) funded by the Province of Rome. Now that the course (180 hours between July and September …) starts at the end, I must say that is one of the most interesting experiences of the last period. The course? “Operator of social network! It ‘s a job that almost does not exist yet (when I talk about the most frequently asked question is “yes, but what does’ I am social network operator?”). But I thought (and I’m increasingly convinced) that having a website is not enough and that soon there will be any organization (public administration from the supermarket in the neighborhood) who can give up this form of communication / interaction with their world. For this courageous twenty participants are learning to build communication projects focusing on blogs or websites thematic, integrated with Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, supported by all the new tools of Web 2.0 and served on the ability to network.
Clicking on the link below, you can download a presentation of the 20 blogs include links that allow you to have a look. The themes are mixed (each must choose their own), but for this reading the blog is really delicious: Armenia for tales of Africa, the relationship between cinema and food inventions of the 70s, from science fiction to women’s voices Jazz … But as always, is the method that counts.
Of course, I might like to know what you think …
See you soon.
Vindex Deplano
Here’s the link: