Online learning in kindergarten during Covid-19: Teachers’ experience and perception in Italy

Sabrina Panesi, Chiara Fante, Lucia Ferlino


Before pandemic, online learning was not widespread in the Italian
educational context with preschoolers. This study investigates how a
sample of 143 Italian kindergarten teachers describe their experiences
and perception in conducting online learning during Covid-19 lockdown.
Findings revealed that collaboration among teachers seems to
be one of the most important elements to guarantee quality online
learning, as well as the emotional and relational dimensions that involve
kindergarten teachers and children with their families as “mediator”,
especially with children with Special Educational Needs (SEN).
Although this study was conducted in an emergency period, these
findings may have important implications in online learning with preschoolers also during the post pandemic period.

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Covid-19 Lockdown; Online Teaching and Learning; Kindergarten; Preschoolers; Teachers’ Perception

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