Italian parents’ perception about learning practices and educational effectiveness of remote schooling during the first lockdown

Manuel Gentile, Vincenza Benigno, Giovanni Caruso, Antonella Chifari, Lucia Ferlino, Giovanni Fulantelli, Mario Allegra


The abrupt interruption of face-to-face educational activities imposed
by the Italian Government in response to the Covid-19 emergency
required a rapid switch to remote schooling to guarantee continuity
in education. This paper explores the family’s perception about the
organization of remote schooling and its impact on learning. In particular,
the authors investigated the technology used and the strategies
adopted by the teachers to face the challenges posed by this rapid
change in the educational paradigm through an online survey carried
out between May and June 2020. More than 19,000 families answered
the survey for a total of 32,000 children, highlighting a favorable evaluation from the parents. The analyses confirm that several factors
linked to the technology used and instructional learning design significantly impacted the parents’ evaluation.

Parole chiave

Covid-19; Remote schooling; Digital Pedagogy; Family; Digital Competence; Learning Technology

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