9. Giovani e partecipazione politica: il ruolo del web

Andrea Cassano, Paola Nicolini


The analysis of the social influence of new technologies on new generations is atopical subject. Many studies focus, for instance, on the cognitive profiles ofyoung generations used to cohabit with digital languages and experiences.Thus, taking into consideration the educational impact of new media and ofWeb 2.0, this article analyzes how these technologies can influence the processesof identity building in adolescents. Some theories of the self, developed inthe least years in the psychological and psycho-sociological fields, can have newimplications in the study of digital generations. Starting from these premises, weintend to analyze if and how political issues enter the usages of new media byyoungsters. For this purpose, we have monitored and analyzed the digital behaviorof a group of 18-years old people in a well-known social network duringthe week before the regional election of March 2010 in Puglia (Italy).

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