17. Identificare, selezionare e sviluppare le idee promettenti nel Knowledge Building

Bodong Chen, Monica Resendes, Maria Chuy, Christian Tarchi, Carl Bereiter, Marlene Scardamalia


Identifying promising ideas is a significant challenge in any creative enterprise.This paper explores the concept of “promisingness judgements” and describesinitial research efforts to cultivate the capacity of students to practice these judgments.As a common characteristic of creative experts, the capacity to make successfulpromisingness judgements is grounded by a rich base of “impressionisticknowledge” accumulated over time. The goal of this study is to help studentsacquire and practice this knowledge. Toward this end we designed a “BigIdeas” tool embedded in a knowledge building environment to facilitate makingpromisingness judgements of collaborative, online work. Results indicate thatstudents can exercise a certain level of promisingness judgements; further researchis needed to determine if more effective tools will increase this aspect oftheir knowledge-building work.

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