9. Knowledge Building: i principi teorici

Stefania Cucchiara, Rupert Wegerif


This article discusses the fundamental concepts of Knowledge Building theory. In particular I report the following issues: a) how the Knowledge Society impacts the 21° century skills; b) how Knowledge Building Theory sustains effective performances; c) what is Knowledge Building and how it can be created and recognized through the list of the twelve principles given by Scardamalia (2003); d) what relevance has the discourse in the Knowledge Building process and e) how much the Belief Mode and the Design Mode - described by Bereiter and Scardamalia (2002) - are able to give accounts of knowledge in any type of context.

The core of this paper is based on how discourse supports the two modes (Belief versus Design). In fact discussions based on a Belief Mode attempt to reach the Truth; whereas the discourse within a Design Mode are aimed to improve ideas and consequently to create new knowledge.

To start this process we need to go in depth, get new information, ask questions, start a dialogue with other members of the Community. Therefore, it is clear the relevance of the constructive discourse.

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