Contribution of technology innovation acceptance and organizational innovation climate on innovative teaching behavior with ICT in indonesian education

Muhammad Sofwan, Robin Pratama, Muhaimin Muhaimin, Yusnaidar Yusnaidar, Amirul Mukminin, Akhmad Habibi


This study aimed to test a reflective model involving Technology Innovation Acceptance (TIA) and Organizational Innovation Climate (OIC) as predictors for Innovative Teaching Behavior with Information and Communication Technology (IT-ICT) among 533 pre-service teachers from 3 Indonesian universities. Four hypotheses were proposed in the current model. A survey instrument was developed and validated through face and content validity. The validation also involved the assessment of the measurement model through partial least square structural equation modeling (PLS-SEM). The assessment of the structural model to determine path coefficient (β) as well as t and p values of the 4 hypotheses was also computed through PLS-SEM.
Findings informed that TIA possesses a positive correlation with OIC and that OIC is statistically significant affecting IT-ICT. The role of the moderating variable (OIC) is also significant in mediating TIA with IT-ICT for hypothesis However, TIA is insignificant in predicting IT-ICT.

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TIA, OIC, IT-ICT, Pre-service teachers, Indonesia

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