Pratiche basate sui dati nella valutazione e l’analisi della qualità didattica: il caso dell’Università di Padova

Juliana Elisa Raffaghelli, Valentina Grion, Marina De Rossi


The article introduces a case study (Ateneo di Padova) over data practices in teaching and learning. The study is based on a survey and focuses on data practices relating to evaluating quality in teaching, learning and assessment. The survey was distributed to all the university teaching staff: 370 responses were collected. Data were exploratively analysed based on descriptive statistics and dimensional reduction (principal component analysis). The results indicate the prevalence of institutionally consolidated practices relative to Quality teaching evaluation resulted to be one of the most prevalent and institutionally consolidated
practices, whilst emerging practices (namely data driven) connected to decision-making and teaching and learning were adopted in isolation and with fragmentation. The results are discussed on the light of the potential strategies at the institutional level, particularly regarding faculty development, within an integrated system that can be deemed technologically advanced and effective and ethically sustainable in data usage

Parole chiave

Data; Data Literacy; Survey; Higher Education; University Teaching

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