4. A Framework to Support Web-Based Inquiry-Learning Activities with WebQuests

Ilaria Manno, Delfina Malandrino, Giuseppina Palmieri


The richness and variety of information available to learners, nowadays,over the Internet is unprecedented in history and its usage incollaborative learning was evident. As an archetype way of using theInternet and the resources on the World Wide Web as learning tool, among the most popular ones, we find the WebQuest, “an inquiryorientedactivity in which some or all of the information that learnersinteract with comes from resources on the Internet, optionally supplementedwith videoconferencing”, according to the definition provided(Dodge, 1995, 2001) by its creator, Bernie Dodge (Dodge, 2009d).WebQuests base their pedagogical ground on constructivist learningtheory and have a considerable role in project-based learning andteaching in classrooms; there is a extensive repertoire of WebQuests(Chandler, 2003; Kelly, 2000): its success is documented by the “morethan a decade”-long widespread usage (Lamb & Teclehaimanot, 2005).

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