3. Appropriazione di un software: un'insegnante un anno dopo

Maria Beatrice Ligorio, Mauro Dell'Olio, Giuseppe Ritella


The research presented in this paper aims at inquiring a high school teacher’sprocess of appropriation of the software CoFFEE. CoFFEE was usedto support collaborative learning activities within the curricula of Latin theclass had to undertake. To understand the process of appropriation of thesoftware, we observed and analyzed two CoFFEE-enhanced sessions, undertakenby the same classroom a year apart. At the fi rst session the sameclassroom from of a Socio-Psycho-Pedagogical Lyceum was a 10th grade –students age 15 years old in average; at the second session the classroomwas a 11th grade – 16 years old in average. The videos and fi eld notes werecollected were qualitatively analyzed by two researchers. Aim of this analysiswas to single out the dimensions able to give account of the similaritiesand differences between the two sessions. Seven indicators were found andthey were grouped into three dimensions able to describe the process of theteacher’s appropriation of CoFFEE.

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