Multimodal and hybrid sharing spaces: hypothesis and challenges for learning

Eliane Schlemmer, Gaia Moretti, Luciana Backes


Starting from problematizing the concept of (digital) culture, this paper discusses how its various definitions conform to an essentially binary and dichotomist way of thinking, highlighted by polarized perspectives that offer little possibility to comprehend a hybrid and ubiquitous digital culture.  This paper proposes guidelines that consider culture as mediational tool for and through digital technology, highlighting how the processes of sense-making could trigger shifts from digital to analogic and vice-versa. The theories here presented outline a cultural perspective encompassing hybridity, multimodality, and ubiquity, considering the relationship Actor- Network. Within this framework, the technology-concept of ECHIM – electronic space for hybrid and multimodal sharing - is presented. This paper offers a contribution to scientific discussion and to the development of a training tool. 


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