How do future teachers study? Distractions and strategies of self-regulation in the seamless learning

Caterina Bembich, Elisabetta Maria Cigognini, Gisella Paoletti


This longitudinal study identifies a number of specific characteristics of initial teacher training mediated by technology, through the results of an exploratory survey with 154 future teachers who have attended the past three editions of the enabling training courses (PAS and TFA), at the University of XXXX. The questions on which the research worked were: teachers are distracted while they study because of the use of seamless technologies and BYOD? There are strategies of self-regulation and study support that future teachers prefer and implement more effectively? The results show that teachers feel they have the control on factors of external distractibility, and know how to use strategies based on self-regulation and metacognitive control  the consequences. Less frequent is instead the use of strategies related to self-esteem. Such information may guide the formative moments during the teacher professional development, motor and dynamo of educational change in the world school.

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ITE - Initial Teacher Education, CPD - Continuous Professional Development, self-regulated learning, media multi-tasking, BYOD, seamless learning

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