“Good Moves” in knowledge-creating dialogue

Carl Bereiter, Marlene Scardamalia


Dialogue is the mainstay of idea-centered education at all levels and is
especially important in generating new knowledge or improving existing
knowledge. This paper outlines types of “good moves” in knowledgebuilding
dialogue – that is, constructive dialogic actions that can contribute
to attaining goals of such dialogue – to solve problems, resolve disagreements,
generate innovations, new concepts and conceptual structures. The focus of
the discourse moves schema is on knowledge creation, with critical thinking
entering as an important adjunct. Although only functional elements of
knowledge-building dialogue are indicated, not more detailed processes,
the scheme is applicable to the design of technological supports for such
dialogue and for acquainting students with this kind of dialogue and the
competencies that need to go with it.

Parole chiave

Dialogue, Knowledge Building, Knowledge Creation, Ideas, Promisingness