How to become a member

It is possible to join us as:

Ordinary member: 50 Euro for one year membership.
Young member: 30 Euro for one year membership. Young members are students, students enrolled in a PhD program, fellows and research fellows.
Collective members: 120 € for one year membership. Below you can find the features of  Collective members.
In all cases, membership lasts until December, regardless of the time of enrollment and entitles you to:

Potential reductions in publications produced by the association (e.g., the series “Contesti e Tecnologie”);
Free admission or discounts on any membership fees, both as a participant proposer in online seminars and events organized by the CKBG also in collaboration with other institutions;
Access to the mailing list of CKBG, to receive and disseminate initiatives, events, conferences, etc..;
Contribute actively to the development of the association and to the objectives for which it was born, offering your contribution;
Ability to propose and promote the initiatives and projects requiring the support of the network of researchers, teachers and members of CKBG.

Dimension “Collective Member” has the following features:

if such member is constituted by a Companies or Associations, the fee is 120 Euro; if it is constituted by Schools is 60 euros;
it is expected that the Collective members indicates one (1) referent for the Association;
the association CKBG extends the reductions provided for Members to participate in Seminars, Conferences and Summer Schools up to three (3) members of the Entity;
the association CKBG allows the participation of up to three (3) members indicated Ente webinars;
associations’ meetings at times the body member delegation collective one (1) member to represent him, who may give one (1) vote only.

How to become a new member:
To become a new member you need to follow three simple steps:

1) Fill in the online form to request membership. The registration fee shall not be paid until it is received official notification of acceptance by the Executive Committee of the CKBG.
2) Wait for notification of Acceptance by the EC CKBG.
3) Pay off your and fill out the second form to tell us the details of the payment and provide the latest important information.

Perfect! Are you one of us! Now you’ll have access to content reserved for members, you will be registered in the mailing list of the Association and to the Website, to receive updates and news, events, seminars, proposals for collaboration and research.

How to renew the annual registration
If you’re already a member, renew your membership pays and fill the form.

Payment of membership:

1) By bank transfer:

* Current account no. 000000003609
* Bank: Credit Valtellina – Agency no. 5 Via Money Order, 39/43 – Zip Code 00139 – ROMA
* Payable to: Association of Collaborative Knowledge Building Group
* ABI: 05 216 – CAB: 03205
* IBAN: IT02R0521603205000000003609

2) Through PayPal:

For any questions or requests, please do not hesitate to CONTACT US