Qwerty Vol 9, n° 2 is online!


Qwerty second issue of 2014 : “Innovation and digital technologies: between learning experiences and construction of identity”, is online! In this issue  you can find articles of: Cecchinato, Aimi and Papa, Milani, Brambilla and Confalonieri, Loperfido, Sansone, Ligorio, Fujita.

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    Qwerty at the top level‏

    Qwerty has been included in the list of journals – within the field of Educational Sciences – marked as A.
    In Italy currently a new assessment system has been introduced based on which all scientific journals have been classified at different levels, and of course “A” is the top level.

    The selection of top journals is based on reputation, quality of the articles, and fulfillment of the editorial norms. I have to acknowledge that this result is really amazing considering that our editorial board is totally based on volunteer work and we collaborate with a small and independent publisher.

    This is indeed a great news for Italians authors but it may be of some interest also for foreigners.  In any case, I wanted to share this news with you all and recognize that this result is due also to your work.


    Thanks again to all of you