New books

We announce the release of two new tests:

Techniques for fostering collaboration in online learning communities

published by Igi Global and edited by di F.Pozzi e D.Persico di ITD-CNR. It provides a focused assessment of the peculiarities of online collaborative learning processes by looking at the strategies, methods, and techniques used to support and enhance debate and exchange among peers. Offering an extensive discussion of the design, management, monitoring, and evaluation of learning processes, this work reviews issues from both a theoretical and practical viewpoint and includes methodological contributions as well as perspectives on real experiences.

Fostering Self-Regulated Learning through ICT

published by IGI Global and edited by G.Dettori e D.Persico di ITD-CNR. It presents the relationship between SRL and ICTs from several standpoints, addressing both theoretical and applicative issues, providing examples from a range of disciplinary fields and educational settings.

Fostering Self-Regulated Learning Pdf (it)
Fostering Self-Regulated Learning Pdf (en)
Technique for Fostering collaboration (it)
Technique for Fostering collaboration (en)