Call for Articles: Issue QWERTY, Vol 10, 2 – 2015

The theme of this special issue is the same of the V National Congress of the CKBG, that will be held in Trieste, September, 10th -12th 2015. The aim of this special issue is to collect the most interesting papers about technological innovation that may be reference points for the conference.

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All papers received will be blind-reviewed. We accept contributions in Italian, English and French. Instructions for submitting an article can be found at the following web address
The articles must be written respecting the APA norms available at:
For information or requests, contact:

Important dates:
• April 30, 2015: submission of the papers
• July 15, 2015: submission to the authors of the reviewers’ comments
• September 10, 2015: sending – from the authors of accepted articles – of the revised Articles
• December 20, 2015: publication of the issue.

    Primo quaderno Qwerty Mobile learning. Esperienze e riflessioni “Made in Italy”

    1. Introduzione,  Michelle Pieri
    2. Il mobile learning di fronte e di profilo, Michelle Pieri
    3. Il m-learning a scuola: dalle teorie alla concreta pratica didattica, Angela Maria Sugliano
    4. Apprendimento collaborativo e riflessione metacognitiva supportati dai video-cellulari, Maria Beatrice Ligorio
    5. Mobile learning e Radio-Web, Mauro Coccoli, Nadia Denurchis
    6. Tecnologie “Mobile” per la piattaforma didattica Steel,  Mauro Zaninelli, Cinzia Galbusera, Fabio D’Andrea
    7. Soluzioni di mobile playful learning in ambito museale, Giada Marinensi, Claudia Matera
    8. Emotional Mapping of Museum Augmented Places (EMMAP), Giuliana Guazzaroni